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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find quick, candid answers to the questions we hear most often. If we’ve missed a topic that interests you, please call us at 305-238-2623. We’ll be delighted to answer all your questions.

>>Where is East Ridge located?

>>What does East Ridge offer that I don’t already have?

>>What amenities do you offer?

>>What fun things can I do?

>>Can my pet be a part of my future at East Ridge?

>>What exactly is LifeCare and why is it important?

>>What health care services are available at East Ridge?

>>Does East Ridge offer respite care?

>>If I have long-term care insurance, do I still need to consider moving to East Ridge?

>>Is East Ridge an affordable choice?

>>How do the fees work?

>>What are your financing options?

>>What does the monthly service fee cover?

>>Is East Ridge a smart, stable choice for my future?

>>Why should I consider East Ridge now?

Where is East Ridge located?

Just a short drive south of Miami, East Ridge is located in the town of Cutler Bay. The community is southeast of the village of Palmetto Bay, with convenient access to the Palmetto Bay Golf Course. Northeast of the community are two notable parks: the Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center and the Charles Deering Estate Historic Site.

East Ridge is also just a short drive east of South Miami. Called “The City of Pleasant Living,” South Miami is known for its tree-lined residential areas, parks and a historical downtown complete with restaurants and unique shops. South Miami borders the University of Miami’s main campus and the cities of Coral Gables and Pinecrest.

What does East Ridge offer that I don’t already have?

As a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of our friends and neighbors, we think LifeCare is the smartest choice you can make. When you move to East Ridge, you enjoy several advantages, including:

What amenities do you offer?

What fun things can I do?

A variety of social, community life, recreational and cultural activities are available. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on our calendar.

Can my pet be a part of my future at East Ridge?

Yes! East Ridge welcomes pets, and even provides a dedicated dog park for allowing your furry friend to romp and play outdoors.

What exactly is LifeCare and why is it important?

LifeCare is the most comprehensive choice for today’s vibrant seniors. Its all-inclusive package includes virtually all our services, activities and amenities. Most importantly, LifeCare offers a worry-free future with access to skilled nursing care in our on-site Health Services Center, if you ever need it.

Under our LifeCare program, you receive care in our Health Services Center. Regardless of how long or how often you need care, you never pay a daily fee. The only additional cost you pay is to cover the two extra meals you’ll eat per day, plus any ancillary costs such as prescriptions and personal laundry.

LifeCare works like insurance. To enjoy the benefits, you must sign up before you need it — don’t miss out!

What health care services are available at East Ridge?

As a LifeCare community, East Ridge gives you access to a full continuum of care options right in our neighborhood.

Does East Ridge offer respite care?

In addition to assistance in everyday life, East Ridge offers respite care for family members who have taken on daily duties. Everyone needs a rest now and then, especially when managing the care for a family member who needs special attention. Whether the need arises for a business trip, errands or other family matters, East Ridge provides compassionate, attentive and reassuring care, delivered by a highly trained staff who approaches every situation with sensitivity and patience.

If I have long-term care insurance, do I still need to consider moving to East Ridge?

One of the greatest advantages of LifeCare is the ability to stay in control of your future by making health care decisions in advance. In general, we’ve found that some long-term care insurance policies complement our LifeCare plan quite well. Your insurance may pay a portion of your daily fees. Check with your financial advisor and insurance representative to be sure.

Unlike long-term care insurance, LifeCare not only provides the care you need, it allows you to know where you’ll receive care (our on-site Health Services Center) and who will care for you (our friendly, professional staff).

Plus, with a LifeCare plan, you avoid the rising cost of health services, and relieve loved ones of the burden of making decisions about your care in the event of a health crisis.

Is East Ridge an affordable choice?

Yes! At first glance, other options may seem to cost less. However when you compare apples to apples, you’ll see LifeCare is quite competitive, especially when you factor in the value of future skilled nursing care. Plus, most people forget to include costs such as home maintenance, housekeeping, fees for activities, homeowner’s insurance, property tax, utilities and other cost of living expenses, all of which are covered at East Ridge.

Also, as a resident of East Ridge, you may be allowed certain tax benefits, including a percentage of your entrance fee and monthly fees taken as a medical expense deduction in the year in which it is paid. Ask your tax advisor for details.

How do the fees work?

At East Ridge, you pay a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee. Those fees are determined by the size and type of home you choose, whether or not you have someone living with you, and which financial package you choose. We offer a wide variety of home choices in a broad price range, along with two different financing options, which means you’re sure to find choices that fit both your lifestyle and your financial situation.

For more specific information about fees or financing options, call us at 305-238-2623.

What are your financing options?

75% Return-of-Capital™ Plan

With our 75% Return-of-Capital Plan, the majority of your entrance fee is refunded to you or your estate, regardless of how long you reside in our community. The refund is paid no later than 120 days after you have unoccupied your Villa or Garden home.

Traditional Endowment Plan

Our Traditional Endowment Plan gives you the benefits of LifeCare at a lower upfront price. East Ridge offers a declining entrance fee refund. In other words, your entrance fee is slowly endowed to East Ridge over time.

Flexible financing options are available

What does the monthly service fee cover?

East Ridge offers an all-inclusive lifestyle, which means your monthly service fee covers virtually all our services, activities and amenities, which include:

Is East Ridge a smart, stable choice for my future?

Yes! With nearly 50 years of proven experience in the local community, East Ridge is the area’s expert in senior living. Plus, we’re managed by Life Care Services, LLC, a highly respected company with nearly 40 years of experience in managing senior communities nationwide.

Why should I consider East Ridge now?

With all its advantages, a community like East Ridge is a popular choice. For the best selection, it’s important to plan ahead. That gives you time to explore all your options, and ensures your home at East Ridge will be ready when you are. Plus, from the very first day, you’ll have peace of mind that a plan is in place for your future health care. Best of all, you can start enjoying all our community’s activities and amenities, and begin to meet some fantastic people.

Call 1-800-856-8097 to speak with a sales counselor. For all other inquiries, please call 305-238-2623.

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