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Smart Decision, Easy Planning

At East Ridge, you pay a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee. Those fees are determined by the size and type of residence you choose, whether or not you have someone living with you, and which of our two financial packages you choose. We invite you to call or come by to discuss which option might be right for you.

75% Return-of-Capitalâ„¢ Plan

With our 75% Return-of-Capital Plan, the majority of your entrance fee is refunded to you or your estate, regardless of how long you reside in our community.

Traditional Endowment Plan

Our Traditional Endowment Plan gives you the benefits of LifeCare at a lower upfront price. In other words, your entrance fee is slowly endowed to East Ridge.

Call 1-800-856-8097 to speak with a sales counselor. For all other inquiries, please call 305-238-2623.

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