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Five Myths about Retirement Communities – by Rick Drew, Director of Marketing

Mar 23, 2015 | News

It’s time to dispel the myths about retirement communities.

There are retirement communities that are geared for the newly retired when a country club lifestyle is sought and people go from the tennis courts to the golf course with a clubhouse in between. As people age, they find they no longer are taking advantage of what their community offers and their needs and interests are not being met.

This is want I call the second stage of retirement. This is when it’s a good time to start thinking about these post retirement years and communities better suited to meet your needs. Services, amenities and activities are oriented to offering benefits at this point in your life and for your later years and East Ridge at Cutler Bay is this type of community. We call it a life care community.

Here are some myths about retirement communities.

#1  —  Children embrace the decision. It’s fairly typical that either a child is gung ho on their parents moving or resistant to their parent’s decision. For every adult daughter who does the research for her parents, there are siblings who say, “Stay where you are or come live with us.” At East Ridge at Cutler Bay we encounter these family dynamics and our residents tell it best. They know they don’t want to burden their children should they ever need care and want to make decisions now when they are best able to make them. They are reassured after moving to East Ridge or communities like ours that there is care should they ever need it and that they won’t need to rely on their children.

#2  —  I’m not ready yet. When a spouse says this, we ask what you aren’t ready for. The lifestyle of a retirement community is much like a cruise ship on land. Each day is filled with a wide variety of choices. Everyone has their own residence and they come and go as they please. There is freedom from home maintenance. From changing lightbulbs to repairing a toilet, there is a maintenance team available. For people who no longer want to drive at night there is transportation service to take residents many different cultural venues.

#3  —  I’ll be bored. We often hear residents say they feel like they are teenagers again and boredom is hardly an issue. They now have no responsibilities and can go and do as they please. They are trying things they had not done in years and discovering new interests and friendships. East Ridge residents have their days packed full of interesting activities. They may start their day in the wellness-fitness center keeping fit. There may be an outing with friends or lunch and a movie at the Lifestyle Center. They may volunteer or be found at the thrift store or garden shop or serving on many different committees that meet each month. They meet up with friends for happy hour and plan their evening entertainment.

#4  —  My family won’t visit me. Families are always welcome at East Ridge at Cutler Bay. There are many events each month that families attend and everyone enjoys having grandchildren and great grandchildren on hand. There are guest suites available for out of town visitors as well. Many of our activities are perfect for all ages. Outdoors, there’s a disc golf course and putting green as well as a heated swimming pool. The East Ridge campus offers miles of meandering walking paths through nature preserves. There’s even a dog park.

#5  —  I will lose my independence. Many residents living at East Ridge still have cars and are out and about as much as they wish. There is no reason for seniors to give up their independence just because they choose to live in a retirement community. On the contrary, the security offered at East Ridge allows flexibility to travel and enjoy your time. This is a lock and leave community. You no longer need to worry about who will take care of your home while you are on vacation. There are residents who go back north in the summertime to reconnect with family and friends or take cruises and travel.

There are many different retirement communities to choose and we always recommend starting your research with a tour and lunch. East Ridge also offers trial stays to see if this life care community is a good fit. Call us at 305-256-3564 to see if East Ridge is a perfect match for you.