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East Ridge Lifestyle Helps in Finding Happiness in Retirement – By Rick Drew, Director of Marketing

May 11, 2015 | News

When residents select East Ridge at Cutler Bay, a retirement community in Miami-Dade County, they have been retired for 10 or 15 years. They have acclimated to their retirement but often remark that in moving to East Ridge they found the happiness they wanted in their retirement years.

According to a recent article in Money Magazine, “Retire Live Happily Ever After,” author Donna Rosato offers some useful advice.  Financial security and good health are important ingredients of a happy retirement.

Our financial structure at East Ridge helps people know how much their maintenance monthly fees will be and they no longer have to worry about mortgage payments on homes and condominiums. The hassles of homeownership typically increase as people age. At East Ridge, residents don’t have unanticipated home maintenance costs such as a new roof and repairs.

The lifestyle at East Ridge helps in contributing to good health. There is something to be said to a having meals included in the monthly fee.  Seniors are assured of having healthy, well balanced meals each day without having to cook or grocery shop.

Additionally, there is emphasis on fitness and wellness with trained personal available to encourage exercise.  An exercise plan can be developed for each resident geared to their goals and interests.

Resources people would normally need to seek out on their own are available right here at East Ridge. The Health Center offers everything from regular blood pressure checks to cholesterol screening and people don’t need to leave the community. Our staff also includes a vitality counselor who visits residents and offers assistance with transitioning their care.  She even helps with elective surgery assistance.  There is a dietitian available for consultations as well. This peace of mind really makes a difference in helping people enjoy their retirement years.

Money Magazine suggests that busy retirees tend to be happier when they’ve found at least four hobbies. At East Ridge, finding hobbies and engaging in regular activities is much more accessible for residents.  A monthly calendar of events and activities offers residents a wealth of choices. There are volunteer opportunities as well.  People are trying things they never had time to pursue and it’s very gratifying.

We often find residents rarely are home as they are involved in so many different pursuits each day.  They don’t seem to do things in isolation, much preferring the companionship of their neighbors.

We also find our residents have better relationships with their families now that they are living at East Ridge.  They are able to say, “We’re taken care of living”. Knowing they won’t burden their children should they become ill gives people a much greater sense of happiness.

If you would like to learn how you can find happiness in retirement by living at East Ridge at Cutler Bay, we invite you to call our Marketing Department for a tour at 305-256-3564.