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‘Retirement’ Has New Meaning for Our Residents

Jun 1, 2015 | News

Retirement often takes on an unexpected turn for residents at East Ridge at Cutler Bay. Rather than experiencing “retirement,” seniors living here find the time to enjoy activities they love to the fullest – while discovering new pursuits, as well. Just a few examples of our residents:

  • Carole Bell now spends a good part of her time as our librarian, helping fellow-members of the “Persnickety Club” choose and later discuss current fiction and non-fiction bestsellers from the community library.
  • Shirley Fountain, who formerly devoted much of her time to church and hospital work, now serves as a volunteer on East Ridge committees that plan and conduct many of the community activities.
  • Andrea Moody especially values her free time to care for a family of four: three cats (Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Twinkin’), all of whom have accepted co-residence with Sandy, her 14-year-old terrier of mixed heritage.
  • Grace Brasington enjoys exercising by taking her three dogs, (Lexy, KatyLady, and Sweetpea) for rides on her three-wheeler bike, sometimes touring East Ridge with all three canines sharing the passenger basket.
  • June Harbett, wife of a prominent Miami tennis pro, replaced the more strenuous sport with dips in the swimming pool and learning how to play mah-jongg with a new group of friends.
  • Jack McLellan, long a photography buff, uses his skills as the pictorial archivist of East Ridge events, displaying his pictures at the Lifestyle Center and making prints for photo albums.
  • Barbara Sims’ love of history motivated her to lead a special committee that compiled a 52-year history of East Ridge, then helped oversee building a special niche to preserve its artifacts and records in the Lifestyle Center.
  • Dr. Marjorie Brown took up art lessons to capture the beauty of native foliage, helped organize tropical artists’ group and won national recognition for East Ridge as a wildlife preserve.

“It’s a story repeated over and over again,” commented Rick Drew, Marketing Director for the life care community. “People planning to move to East Ridge sometimes wonder what they will do with their time. Once at home here, they most often discover they’ve become busier than they ever did before their ‘retirement.’”