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East Ridge Offers Balance Tips for National Safety Month

Jun 15, 2015 | News

June is National Safety Month and Suzana Delgado, the Wellness Center Coordinator at East Ridge at Cutler Bay, offers some tips for practicing good balance at home.

Since as many as 28-45% of seniors fall each year, making people more aware of balance is a step towards prevention.

Suzana offers East Ridge residents fitness programs which incorporate strength, endurance, and balance training which are essential to promoting good balance.

Common reasons that seniors fall include poor vision, weak hips and legs, poor posture or spinal degeneration and inability to lift one’s feet.  Other reasons could be it takes longer to react when something is in the way, medications that may interact causing dizziness or decrease balance and low blood pressure which can lead to light-headedness, increasing fall risks.

Some of her tips include:

  • If you have balance issues, check with your doctor to rule out vertigo, ear infections, Meniere’s disease, chronic dizziness or drug interactions.
  • Avoid fast movements including quick turns or changes in posture.
  • Use a chair to hold on to while standing.
  • Always get up slowly when rising from a chair.
  • Remove home hazards.  From securing loose rugs to using nonslip mats in a bathtub, your living room, kitchen, bedroom and hallways need to be free of clutter and any obstructions.
  • Use night lights in bedroom, bathrooms and hallways.
  • Have grab bars installed in the shower and tub.
  • Use a sturdy plastic seat for the shower or tub plus a hand-held shower nozzle for bathing.
  • Engage in regular physical activity.  The benefits of walking, tai-chi, and water exercising all help in reducing the risk of falls.
  • Check to make sure your shoes are sensible.  Narrow heels, floppy slippers and shoes with slick soles can make you slip, stumble and fall.

One of the many lifestyle benefits at East Ridge at Cutler Bay is the availability of personnel who come and review safety issues with residents in their residence.

To learn more about the benefits of living at East Ridge, we invite you to call our Marketing Department for a tour at 305-256-3564.