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East Ridge at Cutler Bay Prepares for 2015 Hurricane Season

Jul 6, 2015 | Community News

As the 2015 hurricane season gets underway, we are reminded of the many benefits afforded to residents living in a retirement community such as East Ridge at Cutler Bay.

Hurricane season is stressful and impending storms can be quite overwhelming for everyone, especially seniors. Those who have weathered storms know quite well the challenges and concerns starting with a hurricane warning.

Living in a retirement community helps alleviate many of the stressful burdens seniors may face.

At East Ridge at Cutler Bay, the care and safety of residents is our top priority. Management and staff are well trained in disaster preparedness prior to the beginning of each hurricane season and our hurricane emergency drills are practiced so we are ready just in case there is a storm.

Depending on the severity of the warnings, East Ridge’s management determines if residents will stay at the community or be evacuated to a location out of harm’s reach. In case of an emergency, contracts are in place in various locations within Florida that will accommodate our residents.

There are emergency generators to service many of the East Ridge buildings and residences come equipped with hurricane shutters that are locked in place by our maintenance team prior to a storm. The new Health Center, now under construction, is built to weather a Category 3 hurricane.

The greatest advantage our residents have is the security of being with others who will look out for their well-being. Being surrounded by a team whose priority is the safety of all residents helps our seniors sleep at night. They are also together with their friends and neighbors for emotional support. The biggest concern for families who may not live nearby is who will take care of their parents. We bridge the communication gap and let families know their loved ones are safe.East Ridge is not located in a flood zone so if a storm is not severe, residents can be accommodated in the community’s Lifestyle Center’s auditorium where there will be sufficient food and water for everyone.

If someone has ever weathered a storm on their own they know how dependent they are on strangers—from boarding up a house to post-hurricane clean up. Here at East Ridge, our grounds and environmental departments step into action following a storm to restore our community and handle all clean up. Our residents don’t have to worry about the numerous scam artists who prey on hurricane victims.

While hurricane preparedness may not be the top reason for choosing a senior lifestyle community, it certainly should be a reason that is weighed by seniors living in condominiums and single-family residences.

I’ll never forget one condo resident telling me that for three days she was confined to her residence without electricity when there was a hurricane in South Florida. The elevator wasn’t working and she wasn’t able to go up and down the stairs from her fourth floor residence. No one was able to check on her and she had to fend for herself living on canned tuna and water. She was so distraught. This convinced her to move to a senior community and she vowed she would never go through a hurricane season alone again.