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‘Five Myths’ About Life Care Living

Jul 20, 2015 | News

“I had no idea that retirement living is like this.”

It’s a comment often heard at East Ridge at Cutler Bay, an all-inclusive retirement community in Miami-Dade County. And it’s why we take extra time to tour visitors, showing them how life here differs from common misconceptions of retirement living.  We call them the “Five Myths” of Life Care Living:

  1. Lack of Privacy

East Ridge residents choose from two-bedroom/two-bath villas with all the basic amenities they would enjoy in a condominium, rental residence or single-family home.  They live by themselves with all the privacy and individual comforts they desire, welcoming visits with family or friends whenever convenient.

  1. Too Much Communal Living

All community amenities can be enjoyed individually, even when having a ‘dinner out’ at the dining room. You’ll find it much like a fine restaurant where you sit at your own table, order preferences from a menu and are served by a waiter or waitress. Other times, you may want to cook or pick up to-go meals from the Peacock Café and eat ‘at home,’ as often as you wish.

  1. Our Children Won’t Visit

On the contrary, children and grandchildren as well as brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts and friends come and go at East Ridge every day of the week. They’re welcome to share a meal with you in the dining room and stay overnight in your home, too.  Children are so happy to knowing their parents are safe; they enjoy their quality time together and find they see their parents more often now they are living at East Ridge.

  1. There’ll Be Nothing To Do

Our residents often say they are busier now than they ever imagined.  Once prospective residents see the Lifestyle Center and read our monthly newsletter, “The Bulletin,” the myth that there will be nothing to do is dispelled. Days are here is filled with activities, lectures, movies, classes, exercising, dances, holiday parties and excursions.  It’s up to everyone to enjoy whatever they wish, whenever they wish.

  1. I Won’t Know Anybody

Opportunities constantly spring up to meet new friends, often by something as simple as sharing a gardening tip or joining the reading club. Even our newest residents say “One of the best things about East Ridge is the new friends I’ve made.” There are many clubs and volunteer opportunities.  Life here is much like living in a small village or town where people enjoy ‘their space’ while meeting friends and neighbors for special events or just getting to know one another.

Stories you may hear about ‘Life Care’ communities are most often myths.

That’s why we welcome your visit to experience the friendly reality of East Ridge at Cutler Bay.