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Residents Prepare for Moving to the Three Palms Center

Nov 23, 2015 | News

Three Palms Move 1

Magie Day

With the upcoming opening of East Ridge at Cutler Bay’s new Three Palms Health Center, residents of the life care community’s current health center are eager to move to their new home.

Many of their families have already toured the new community and had a firsthand look at the assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing neighborhoods. For residents, when they move, it will be their first opportunity and their excitement is building.

“Everything will be fresh and new at Three Palms and I’m looking forward to it,” said Magi Day.  “I’ve heard glowing reports about the community and my family has told me I’ll be very comfortable there.  It’s a big bonus that we’ll have our own private baths and showers.”

The gifted, self- taught Florida landscape artist admits while she’ll miss the view of the outdoors from her current room, the screened veranda and courtyard butterfly garden will offer a wonderful chance for her to enjoy the outdoors.

“It sounds very beautiful,” she said.

Three Palms Move 2

Brenda Reidel

The East Ridge staff will move residents’ furniture and personal effects and get them resettled in their new suites.

Three Palms is designed with a neighborhood concept of households promoting greater independence and privacy for residents.  Each household is designed with shorter corridors, country kitchen areas and living rooms.  There are multiple gathering areas to enjoy activities with friends and families.

Brenda Reidel is also looking forward to the move: “Three Palms sounds fabulous.  I like the idea of having more leeway to do what I like and be with my family.”

Three Palms is transforming the traditional institutional model found in many nursing homes to resident-centered care.  Residents in independent living who have worked on a committee with staff in developing the program coined the concept “Choice and Change”.  The person-centered care philosophy in day-to-day operations includes empowering direct care staff, person-directed care and activities, providing dining services at various times and building close relationships with residents, families and staff.

“These choice and change concepts sound good and aren’t usually found in a nursing home,” according to Reidel. “For me, it’s important to live a free as normal a life as I can and be in control.  Friends and family coming to visit me should enjoy seeing the changes.”

Another resident in the Health Center mentioned she will enjoy being a pioneer. She’s looking forward to the privacy of her own bedroom and the neighborhood concept of smaller spaces.

Recalling a TV program about the nursing home of the future; it’s very exciting that we’re going to experience these concepts for ourselves.