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Dog Days of Summer Perfect for Dogs of East Ridge

Aug 10, 2016 | News

Dog DaysA warm nose on your knee can put more than affection in your life these days.

The benefits for seniors who own pets have become well documented, not only for companionship and protection, but as a distinctive contribution to a healthier outlook on life.

“Studies show that seniors with dogs go to the doctor less from minor health issues,” was a recent headline from the national Pet Partners organization. “They even have lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, compared to non-pet owners.”

“Singles increasingly turn to pets for sense of family,” headlined a report by the American Veterinary Medical Association, documenting an “impressive” 16.6% gain in single person ownership traced over a five-year period.

East Ridge at Cutler Bay welcomes pets when their owners move to the life plan community.

“We’ve been a pet-friendly community for many years,” said Martha Brennan, interim sales and marketing director. “We recognize how much dogs and cats are part of the family. As long as someone can care for their pet, they are welcomed. People are often relieved to hear this when considering a move to our community.”

East Ridge has made special accommodation for pet owners. The retirement community offers a fenced dog park within East Ridge where owners often congregate with their pets. They catch up with their neighbors while the dogs enjoy the safe space to run and exercise.

The companionship that pets provide also seems to motivate seniors to get more involved in daily activities and socializing.
“Walking your dog seems to be a way to break the ice in meeting neighbors,” she explained. “When people are seen walking with their pets on the many meandering paths around East Ridge, people often stop to give Fido a head scratch. Many residents share their beloved pets and often take their pets to visit at the East Ridge’s Three Palms Health Center. The dogs are lavished with attention and what could be better.”

East Ridge is unique in that it offers a 76 acres tropical park setting with large open green areas, meandering walking and cart paths and nature preserves.

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