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It’s Only Right Sizing!

Sep 26, 2016 | News

Stressed-couple-moving-boxes-590x470“Nothing fails so miserably as a failed euphemism,” says Our Living Language. “The English language is littered with words that now seem ordinary but were once regarded as euphemisms.

For example, take the term “downsize”. “Downsize” has found broad acceptance in our language and is a regular part of our vocabulary. It’s often used to describe the time when ‘empty nester’ parents move to a smaller home. The kids are grown and lifestyles are changing. People choose a smaller home that better fits their lives.

Most of us have ‘down-sized” at some point in our lives. After graduation from school, leaving home, getting or changing a job, marrying and raising a family, divorce and right through to retirement, these are all times when we’ve reassembled our worldly goods.

We wind up discarding boxes of accumulated papers, books, outgrown clothing and more. It can be emotionally draining to sort, contemplate and discard but cathartic as well.

Coming to grips with a decision to move into a new home has some degree of worry as well as joyful moments. At East Ridge, we understand the many emotions families have when they are considering their move to a life plan community.

We like to sit down with those considering a move to East Ridge well ahead of their potential relocation, advising how best to handle any special moving problems they may have. For example, we’ve worked with couples parting with the family’s piano that all the children played or the years of accumulated garage tools.

We’ve helped many bring about peace of mind with a carefully-reasoned, step-by-step approach to their transition to their new East Ridge lifestyle. We like to think of our residents’ new lives at East Ridge as right-sizing rather than down-sizing!

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your potential move to East Ridge. Our “Lunch and Learn” events and Open Houses are perfect opportunities. To learn when the next event will be held, please call 305-256-3564 for information.