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Green Time Enjoyed by Three Palms at East Ridge Residents

Oct 3, 2016 | News

One of the most popular design features of the new Three Palms Health Center is the accessibility to enclosed courtyard garden areas as well as to the outdoors.

For residents and guests, there are beautiful areas to enjoy green space. Many of the Three Palm residences overlook the courtyard areas and there are enclosed, expansive screened lanais for relaxation too. The outdoor gardens are landscaped with butterfly attracting flowering plants as well as edible plants.

Care went into the architectural and landscape designs of Three Palms to maximize exposure to the outdoors and bring natural light indoors. The community has a Key West architectural look created by AG Architects of Wisconsin.

Science backs up the value of experiencing nature. A multicenter U.S. Canada study found that “knowing and experiencing nature makes us healthier, happier people”. A University of Rochester study found that being around green spaces not only reduces stress, it makes you feel better too.

How much green time do you need? Australian researchers say 30 minutes a week minimum is what it takes to relax and reduce the risk for high blood pressure and depression.

Each month Patricia Naraindutt, the lifestyle director at Three Palms assisted living, plans specific activities bringing residents to the courtyard areas for group activities known as, “Nature in the Courtyard”. These activities offer an opportunity for residents to get together and enjoy the outdoors. They may talk about flowers in bloom, watch butterflies and birds or simply savor the outdoors.

“The tranquility found from sitting in these areas can’t be beat,” said Naraindutt. “Even 10 minutes outdoors brings people so much enjoyment.”

Residents at both Three Palms and East Ridge take advantage of the tropical setting of the community that offers acres of open green spaces and nature preserves. People are seen throughout the day walking the meandering pathway system that interconnects buildings and residences. At Three Palms, a Walkers Club on Mondays evenings takes advantage of cooler temperatures after dinner, before sunset.

What’s now being referred to as Nature Deficient Disorder hardly affects anyone living at East Ridge. With the natural beatify of the community, residents are inspired to savor nature that is all around them.   There are other benefits as well. People spending time outdoors get a daily dose of Vitamin D; become more aware of their surrounding by smelling nature and form a mind body connection.