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East Ridge Continues Its Holiday Traditions

Dec 19, 2016 | News

holiday-traditionsJust as families have holiday traditions that everyone looks forward to each December, East Ridge at Cutler Bay is no different.

There are annual events which are on the December activities calendar that everyone warmly welcomes while looking forward to new experiences.

“Our new residents are thrilled to learn about the many holiday traditions that East Ridge continues and now they are a part,” said director of sales and marketing Pamela Mills. “Many people moving to East Ridge have children living out of state and previously were alone during the holiday season. Now they have new friends and a host of things to do to celebrate.”

Starting on Saturday, Dec. 10 the annual Holiday Bazaar and Pancake Breakfast will be held.  This is an event for residents, families, friends and employees. To kick off the event it’s a tradition to enjoy pancakes before the bazaar opens.  East Ridge crafters have worked all year on the merchandise that is sold and proceeds are used to benefit the community.

Resident Barbara Sims has kept the Three Sister’s Luncheon a tradition and it is held on Monday, Dec. 19.

The Three Sister’s Luncheon has a long history. “Three sisters were living at East Ridge: Dottie Lester, Ruth Hecht and Lou Hassencamp,” Sim explains.  “They started holding a holiday luncheon for residents who did not have family living in South Florida.  They would cook the food themselves and serve everyone.

While it’s an East Ridge event, the cost of the luncheon was not covered by the community. The sisters contributed the luncheon to the community. There was music, singing Christmas songs and everyone shared their favorite holiday stories.  Every year the menu was the same and was always a favorite event.”

About five years ago when Dottie became ill, Sims asked Dottie if she wanted her to take over and continue the Three Sister’s Luncheon. The first year Sims retained the sisters’ menu but now but has interjected new recipes. She also has a co-chair for the event, Sandra Reed.

This year, the menu includes a Bonnie Massey’s chicken casserole, Sim’s dill sour cream scones, Sandra Reed’s congealed salad and Sim’s pumpkin cake which is a special recipe she acquired from her niece.

“Usually 25-30 people attend and everyone is welcomed,” said Sims. Village volunteers are Bonnie Massey, Marcia Richards, Fran Plummer and Helen Berner.  Barry, Sandra’s husband, acts as maitre’d.

In addition, the community hosts many children’s groups that come and perform.

East Ridge celebrates on Christmas Eve with an elegant dinner and live music adds to the yuletide spirit and there is always a brunch on Christmas Day. An annual casino night celebrates New Year’s Eve with a midnight (10 p.m.) toast ringing in the New Year.