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Aspiring Poets Recognized at East Ridge

Oct 7, 2017 | News

PoetryThe month of September brought out the creative talents of many East Ridge residents. The life plan community’s library committee organized a poetry contest and invited residents to adorn a tree with a poem they had written.

“There were two different categories for poems—rhythm and no rhythm,” explained library committee chair, Tag Marvel. “Initially, the tree was pretty sparse but then interest caught on and we had 32 contestants.”

It has been found that writing poetry offers many benefits including stimulating one’s intellect and fostering emotional health and well-being.

Residents Juanita Wright, an accomplished poet and author, and Lee Goldsmith, a former comic book writer and lyricist, judged the submissions.

Three winners were selected in each category and had an opportunity to read their poems at a reception in their honor. Congratulations to:

Rhythm: Rita Steingold, “The Reunion”; Margaret Cross, “The Bear Band”; and Onie Wilder, “Years of Gold”.

No Rhythm: (Nonresident) Peter Hargital’s poem, “This Art Is Life” submitted by Ruth Young; Ann Jackterzian, “Fire”; and Bonnie Massey, “Aunt Florence”.