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Choosing a Modern Senior Living Community

May 26, 2018 | News

At our workshops and talking with customers, it’s interesting to hear the many misconceptions about senior living communities.

That’s why we encourage people to experience the East Ridge lifestyle and especially take advantage of our trial stay program. This helps in having first-hand and opportunity to live at East Ridge and experience what a typical day is like.  No matter what they read or hear; the best way to change opinions is through experience.

We often find that couple dynamics and family influences come into play with someone’s decision to select a senior living community.  While parents may have been making thousands of decisions independent of their children, this is a decision that the children weigh in.  

While some adult children initiate the research and are supportive of their parent’s decision, other families struggle when children don’t want their parents to sell their childhood home or tap into a potential inheritance.  

Regardless whether it’s adult children or our customers, here are a few misconceptions that we often hear:

  • It’s all old people.  

While there is a minimum age requirement of 62 for a senior living community and yes there are people older than 62, age is just a number.  Spending time at the community clearly illustrates that people are actively engaged. There are people both older and younger than the reluctant customer.  There is also a benefit knowing your neighbors are of a similar generation and share life experiences.

  • It’s an institution with gates.      

East Ridge at Cutler Bay offers residents the security of round the clock security and a gated entry off SW 87 Avenue.  Residents are free to come and go as they please as they would in any golf course or gated community or condominium with security.  Anyone can visit but to keep the community safe, guests are asked to register when they arrive. I call it lock and leave. You can leave your residence whenever you like and lock the door behind you.  There are no worries about housekeeping, pool maintenance or whatever. All of these responsibilities are handled by professional staff.

  • It’s too small.

Have you considered how little space is actually used within a home or residence?  When future residents are concerned about space, we like them to see our residents’ homes.  They can see firsthand how much space there really is and how well the home sizes accommodate couples. We understand most couples are coming from larger homes but we view the move not as downsizing but right sizing. Downsizing may take professional assistance and this service is available.  

  • I’m not ready yet.

While some people are pre-planners, others may put off major decisions and this is a personality trait that isn’t uncommon. I always ask someone to think about what they aren’t ready for when they say this to me.  To validate that it is the right choice, we continue hearing residents say they wished they had moved sooner. We find it’s easier to make this decision as a couple rather than wait for a crisis to occur and not having as many alternatives available.

There are so many benefits from living at a retirement community and there is one where you will feel the most comfortable. It’s worth the research and asking questions to see which one will suit you the best. Our Lunch and Learn Workshops are held at East Ridge each month.

Give our team a call 305-256-3564 for information.