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Living Wellness

Aug 23, 2018 | Community News, News


What does wellness mean to you?

To us, wellness is both the present state of being in good health, but also an actively pursued goal that involves the mind, body, and spirit. Most of us understand wellness as our current or present state of health. However, the second part to the definition of wellness is just as, if not more, powerful.  An active pursuit of wellness involves showing yourself kindness, care, and compassion. Often times we see this angle of wellness surface in the eating and dietary activities of our members. This is why East Ridge at Cutler Bay places holistic wellness as our community’s cornerstone. When you are well, you flourish and spread your joy to the community around you.


Promoting Community Wellness

“We want people to live healthier when they move to East Ridge,” said Rick Drew, Director of Marketing.  How do we support wellness as a present state of good health? At East Ridge at Cutler Bay, we have strategically integrated a mix of daily and proactive wellness options that are directly involved with our member’s eating habits or dining experiences.  This supports our foundational value of providing holistic wellness to our members. Here are some most impactful ways our community supports daily wellness:


Wellness Through Eating Habits

Making well-informed food choices can have an incredibly positive impact on increasing your level of wellness. One of the ways East Ridge at Cutler Bay support wellness through healthy eating habits is by offering nutritional counseling through the community’s Vitality Program, Dietitian, and Wellness Center.

Ongoing teaching is part of the monthly calendar of events as our community members are continually interested in discovering healthy options or alternatives.  We host lectures by staff specialists as well as guest speakers. For example, a recently added program is called Diane’s Food Adventures involved residents have a choice to either lend a hand preparing healthy food treats or watching the food preparation.  We especially enjoyed watching a demonstration creating Pizza Pinwheels and California Honey Cheese dip with fresh fruit. Sampling our creations after was part of the fun!


Wellness with OthersWellness with Others

“We often hear prospective residents talk about how lonely they are dining at home, said Drew.  Seniors tend to opt for what they have in their kitchen cabinets without thinking of the nutritional value of the foods they eat.  Whether it’s convenience, lack of motivation or energy, depression or disinterest in food; dining becomes secondary.”

“What a change occurs when they move to East Ridge”, he said.  “Our community members always have companionship and conversation.  no longer have to worry about food preparation or shopping.”

In addition to more communal and social dining options, many of the monthly social events or activities are centralized around food. This includes but is not limited to, picnic lunches, cocktail hours with appetizers and much more.  We strive to provide a variety of dining activities and experiences for our community members.

“First, we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher


Wellness with Variety

Each of us has our own favorite foods and a preferred food preparation style. A community of diverse and active members requires a variety of dining spaces, each offering a variety of nutritious meal options.


At East Ridge residents enjoy the convivial dining room for lunch and dinners.  Like any restaurant, we take reservations so our hospitality staff can easily cater to member’s schedules and also be well prepared to accommodate any additional non-resident guests. East Ridge community members often enjoy our open cocktail area, adjoining the dining room, as a convenient happy hour meeting spot with friends.  Wait staff provides table service while a daily salad buffet offers an array of healthy salad choices. A varied menu provides many options for a wide variety of entrees.


For residents who desire in-home dining; they no longer need to worry about bringing home prepared food from the local grocery store; East Ridge offers a meal to pick up for lunches and dinners from the Peacock Café.  Many residents who are on the go during the day enjoy this flexibility and a change of pace from the dining room. They’ll phone their orders in and drop by on their golf carts for their packaged meals before heading home.


Community of Wellness

These are just some of the ways East Ridge at Cutler Bay encourages and provides wellness opportunities to our community members.  We understand you are what you eat. This is why we began our mission to provide holistic wellness by focusing on food and dining options.  Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to re-think your definition of wellness and to consider how our eating habits and experiences play a big role in achieving overall wellness in our lives.  For more on how our community at East Ridge at Cutler Bay fosters wellness, explore our areas of Wellness Page.