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  • Resident Juanita Palacio Brings Pot Luck Tradition to East Ridge

    The tradition of a potluck dinner may date back to early times but it’s an event that continues to endure. People get together across the country bringing dishes large enough to be shared by a group ranging from salads and main courses to desserts. Juanita Palacio decided to initiate this tradition on Sunday nights at […]

    East Ridge Resident Writes Children Book at Age 92

    At age 92, Bonnie Massey wanted something that would be a keepsake for her family. Mother of three, grandmother of six and great grandmother of 9, this gracious soft-spoken southern lady is not only an award-winning quilter but a talented cook known at East Ridge for her homemade banana nut bread and guava preserves. She […]

    Green Time Enjoyed by Three Palms at East Ridge Residents

    One of the most popular design features of the new Three Palms Health Center is the accessibility to enclosed courtyard garden areas as well as to the outdoors. For residents and guests, there are beautiful areas to enjoy green space. Many of the Three Palm residences overlook the courtyard areas and there are enclosed, expansive […]

    It’s Only Right Sizing!

    “Nothing fails so miserably as a failed euphemism,” says Our Living Language. “The English language is littered with words that now seem ordinary but were once regarded as euphemisms. For example, take the term “downsize”. “Downsize” has found broad acceptance in our language and is a regular part of our vocabulary. It’s often used to describe […]

    Jeff Haller: Unlikely Volunteer Finds New Opportunities at East Ridge

    When Jeff Haller moved to East Ridge, he never envisioned raising his hand and volunteering. After selecting East Ridge, he and his partner, Lee Goldsmith, quickly settled in to the life plan community and he joined many of the exercise classes that were available. “The exercise classes helped me meet people. I’d see my neighbors […]

    Tips for Healthy Aging Found at East Ridge

    The month of September has been designated as “Healthy Aging Month” and many of the tips you can apply to your life are found in the lifestyle of East Ridge. Life plan communities offer many benefits that contribute to residents’ wellbeing. Here are some tips offered by Healthy Aging Magazine®: Think positive about your age. […]

    “Mister Builders” Series at Three Palms at East Ridge

    At the first “Mister Builders” series at Three Palms at East Ridge, the sounds of hammers filled the creative studio when the guys got together to build birdhouses. Provided by Home Depot and the Cutler Bay store located at 19400 SW 106 Avenue, the bird cages are one of their most popular DIY kits. Home […]

    Three Palms Guys Tackle Home Depot DIY Project

    Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, is coming to Three Palms at East Ridge with their well-known DIY program. They are bringing one of their popular building kits on Saturday, August 20 for the gentlemen living at Three Palms. Representatives from the Cutler Ridge #207 store located at 19400 SW 106th Avenue will […]

    Dog Days of Summer Perfect for Dogs of East Ridge

    A warm nose on your knee can put more than affection in your life these days. The benefits for seniors who own pets have become well documented, not only for companionship and protection, but as a distinctive contribution to a healthier outlook on life. “Studies show that seniors with dogs go to the doctor less […]