Importance of Spirituality in Assisted Living

Jul 15, 2019 | Assisted Living

Studies show that as people age, they long for things a spiritual life can provide such as a sense of comfort, meaning, purpose and connection. Having opportunities for spirituality available within a community makes it much more accessible and gratifying.

At the foundation of the East Ridge lifestyle is incorporating eight dimensions of wellness geared to successful aging and one of these is spirituality. Dimensions of wellness fuel the body, engage the mind and nurture the spirit. In addition to spirituality, the seven additional dimensions of wellness found at East Ridge include:

  1. Social-how you relate to self, others and community;
  2. Physical– how you care for your body and mind;
  3. Environmental-how you relate to the environment around you and to the global environment;
  4. Emotional and mental wellness – awareness and acceptance of feelings, thoughts, attitudes and self-esteem;
  5. Intellectual wellness-having creative an stimulating activities that are opportunities to continue learning and pursuing interests;
  6. Career and livelihood-having fulfilling and meaningful work to nurture one’s gifts, skills and talents;
  7. Financial wellness-understanding and handling money and preparing for financial changes.

Spirituality wellness means having a sense of meaning and purpose in life and how one integrates their beliefs and values into action. Activities are available for those who seek traditional spirituality as well as for those who enjoy quiet reflection.

For example, within assisted living at the community’s Three Palms Health Center, beautiful interior courtyards and screened patios offer places to seek spirituality in non-religious places and enjoy their peacefulness and tranquility.

The expansive tropical grounds of East Ridge also provide places for quiet reflection and park benches offer seating. Residents often can be found enjoying the peacefulness at the community’s unique palmetum, a tranquil setting filled with rare palms as well as the reflecting pond at the great lawn.

Residents of a life plan community such as East Ridge which welcomes all faiths, also benefit from affiliations with many of the areas’ local churches and synagogues and regularly visiting clergy.

Assisted Living Lifestyle Director Patricia Naraindutt explains she incorporates spirituality into the community’s monthly calendar. Services include Sunday Vespers and Wednesday Protestant Communion with healing prayers and Catholic Mass. She organizes Betty’s Bible Study on Tuesdays and residents discuss books of the Bible in both the Old and New Testament.  For Jewish residents, Rabbi Yossie Wolff from The Chabad Homestead and Cutler Bay conducts services, discussions and is on hand to celebrate many Jewish holidays.  Additionally, East Ridge resident, Art North, who is a former minister, facilitates a weekly discussion group.

For those who wish to attend church services, East Ridge transportation offers trips on Sundays to churches including St. Richard’s Catholic Church, Christ Congregational & St. Andrew’s Episcopal and Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.

To learn more about the advantages of living at East Ridge and the various care options available in independent living and those offered in assisted living at Three Palms Health Center, please call to arrange a tour at 305-256-3564.