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Essential Assisted Living Information for Caregivers

Feb 17, 2022 | Assisted Living, Senior Living Resources

Especially in this pandemic, we look at caregivers in a different light. The sacrifices they make are often conscientious, generous, selfless and kind. They deserve all the gratitude this February 18, as we celebrate National Caregivers Day.

But gratitude can only go so far. Sometimes the circumstances around the care of your loved one need to shift. Whether you are experiencing symptoms of burnout or finding it hard to accommodate the increasing needs of your loved one, you may look to assisted living for help.

Oftentimes there are misunderstandings about assisted living that prevent caregivers from taking this step. This guide offers you five important facts about assisted living to help give you better understanding of what your loved one can expect at a senior living community.

Assisted Living Is Not the Same as a Nursing Home.

Nursing homes are facilities that provide skilled nursing services for elders who need daily medical care. Residents usually have a private room but have shared dining and gathering spaces.

On the other hand, assisted living is designed for seniors who mostly live independently but need some assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). They are provided with homey, private residences with the option to gather in community spaces. Staff members provide senior care like medication reminders, transportation to doctors’ appointments (and other outings) and light housekeeping.

Assisted living communities offer older adults the opportunity to expand and grow with the peace of mind that comes from personalized care plans and amenities supporting a maintenance-free life.

Assisted Living Residents Are Given Flexibility and Choice.

If your loved one thrives with structure, the regular activities and events at an assisted living community give them the opportunity to fill their schedule. If they prefer a more laissez-faire approach, that is possible too.

Assisted living is all about personal care and individualized lifestyle choices. Residents may enjoy a chef-prepared entrée within their private dining room, sit down for a shared meal with friends or grab a bite to eat in a bistro setting. They can host their family, participate in a wellness program or choose from a variety of classes and activities to live a vibrant life.

Consider the lifestyle your loved one is living now. Would your loved one’s life become more dynamic and fulfilling? Could this transition offer you greater peace of mind?

Residences Are Comfortable, Personalized Spaces.

At East Ridge at Cutler Bay Assisted Living, your loved one will have a private and welcoming space of their own. Our residences are situated in the Palm Court neighborhood to encourage camaraderie and independence.

Complete with a spacious living room, bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette, seniors can personalize their residence however they would like. Family and friends are welcome to visit and will be greeted with hospitality from our team.

Assisted Living Communities Offer Wellness Programs and Activities.

A key component of care services at an assisted living community is the chance to take charge of your own wellness. The passionate and dedicated team at East Ridge at Cutler Bay curates activities for our Vitality Program that address the seven important dimensions of health.

In a supportive environment full of opportunity, your loved one can rediscover a passion, recommit to healthy habits or explore a new interest. These are the types of advantages that cannot be replicated with in-home care. Assisted living can rejuvenate a senior’s social life and improve their quality of life!

Assisted Living Is a Financial Reality for Many.

While it may be intimidating to overhaul a budget, think about selling a family home or deal with any related uncertainties, assisted living can be more cost-effective than other options.

In fact, a move to assisted living can stretch retirement savings and cut down on care costs. There are savings when you downsize by eliminating utility and maintenance costs. You’ll also save money not having to hire home health aides when you’re not able to care for your family member.

A transition to assisted living could save you thousands of dollars and establish a long-term care plan for your loved one. When you opt into a LifeCare contract like we offer at East Ridge at Cutler Bay, you can rest easy knowing that you can pay for care regardless of your loved one’s needs. The type of care that we provide exists on a continuum, which means that if your loved one’s health declines or if their needs change, they can access our memory care or skilled nursing services without a major disruption to their life.

Care and Choice with Assisted Living at East Ridge at Cutler Bay

Transitioning your loved one to assisted living could give you the chance to reclaim the relationship you had prior to taking the role of caregiver. A personalized care plan carried out by East Ridge’s kind and caring staff could offer you much-needed peace of mind about your loved one’s care. Contact us to discover the possibilities at Palm Court.