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Hurricane Irma Update:

All our residents returned safely to our community last week! We are very grateful for that. 

How you can help…

Clean-up efforts have been underway at East Ridge at Cutler Bay and will likely continue for the next couple of weeks.   

In addition to our wonderful associates doing a great job, many traveling to Gainesville or Orlando to care for our residents for the duration of the storm, we also are grateful to the associates at our sister SantaFe Senior Living community in Gainesville for welcoming us during the evacuation. Everyone worked together to keep residents safe, well fed, calm and cared for. As some homes and businesses have suffered great damage in the state, we believe we are very blessed. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, been injured or have suffered property damage.

Costs for our evacuation effort are estimated well above $350,000!  Buses to take our residents to Gainesville and Orlando cost about $50,000.  Hotel costs in Orlando were close to $200,000 and we’ll need to reimburse our Gainesville hosts for the extra costs they had to care for our residents.  In addition, we have associate overtime expenses, clean-up, tree removal and restoration costs.  Luckily, the East Ridge at Cutler Bay Foundation’s Capital Gifts Fund was set up just for this purpose! 

After Hurricane Andrew hit 25 years ago, residents worked together to create an emergency fund that could pay for needs when another major hurricane or catastrophe took place.  We just announced a month ago that the Capital Gifts Fund had reached its goal of obtaining about $4.5-million.  That’s the amount needed in the fund to cover the insurance deductibles on all of our buildings in the event all of the structures suffered serious damage. 

We’re now be able to take advantage of the forethought these great East Ridge donors had over the last 25 years, asking the fund trustees and our corporate advisory board for the ability to use some of that Capital Gifts Fund money for the current emergency disaster relief! 

We are appealing to you for help. So many of you have loved ones here at East Ridge.  Along with us, we know it is important to you to make sure they are safe and secure. You can help us make that happen with your donation today.  Your gift will go into the Capital Gifts Fund, which is our emergency disaster relief fund.  We’ll either use your gift right away for current expenses from Irma, or keep your donation in the fund to replenish it for the next hurricane or disaster that comes our way. 100% of the donations will go into the fund and will only be used for emergency needs of East Ridge at Cutler Bay.  This fund provides needed peace of mind.  Click the Donate button to donate online today using either a credit card or PayPal account. Thank you for your support.

Gifts may also be made to our Associate Assistance Fund which offers relief to associates who had financial difficulty due to Irma or another unforeseen circumstance.

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East Ridge at Cutler Bay Foundation amplifies the gifts of compassionate donors to enrich the lives of seniors in our community by:

  • Caring for seniors in need,
  • Providing vital services and programs,
  • Ensuring state of the art homes and technology, and
  • Advancing exceptional associates.

Making a memorial/honor gift? Giving to a specific fund?
Use the donate button, then use the “Message” line on the form to tell us the purpose of your gift. Or, click here to email us the details. Thank you!

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Our donors are people just like you: residents, family members, volunteers and associates.The Foundation provides donors a way to give back, leave a legacy and improve the health and lives of their neighbors. Donations can be directed toward memory care, skilled nursing, assisted living, benevolent/charity care, capital improvements and other areas such as providing educational scholarships for our associates.

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Click to read our most recent newsletter
Click to read our most recent newsletter

Read our brand new standards of practice for ethical fundraising with seniors.
Read our brand new standards of practice for ethical fundraising with seniors.

East Ridge at Cutler Bay Foundation values the relationship we have with you. We know our interaction must be based on honesty, trust and respect. Because taking this high road is so important to us, we spent more than a year working with residents, volunteers, senior living experts and other research sources to create something special; the first-in-the-nation set of standards of practice for ethical fundraising with seniors. The fundraising profession has national ethical guidelines, but no such standards exist which deal with issues that arise for fundraisers working with older adults. Until now. We’re paving the way. As baby boomers age, others will follow and the issue will gain more attention. Through these best practices, we will live out our mission to enrich the life of each senior we serve. You and your family are important to us. We take this seriously because our vision is to be the trusted choice for seniors.

East Ridge at Cutler Bay Foundation CARES.
Our Values:

  • We are Collaborative – we embrace teamwork and act with a high sense of urgency
  • We are Accountable – we are responsible and passionately pursue excellence
  • We are Respectful – we are guided by mutual respect and fairness
  • We are Ethical – we are honest and trustworthy
  • We are Service-Driven – we are relentless in delivering a unique senior experience

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